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Learning Web Accessibility

IDRC Courses

Understanding Web Accessibility Course

This introduction to web accessibility provides a detailed overview of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and demonstrative examples to help ensure a deeper understanding in developing accessible websites. Under construction as we update platforms.

IDRC Resources

Accessible Digital Office Document (ADOD) Project

The ADOD Project includes step-by-step guides to creating accessible documents using common office applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

SNOW Guides

Essential information and practical guides on how to make the best use of technology to meet the needs of diverse learners including those with disabilities.

Inclusive Learning Design Handbook

This handbook can assist teachers, content creators, Web developers, and others in creating adaptable and personalizable educational resources that can accommodate a diversity of learning styles and individual needs.

IDRC Contributions

WCAG Mobile Note

This W3C Note, which the IDRC contributed to, describes how WCAG 2.0 can be applied to mobile.

Mozilla Accessibility Docs

Members of the IDRC have helped contribute to a number of pages related to web accessibility and ARIA for the Mozilla Docs.

Other Recommended Resources